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I met Saeed and Arash on a rainy day in one of the streets of Tehran, they were selling Hafiz poems; you close your eyes, make a wish and pick a poem from the bunch they are holding in their hands, that poem will tell you your fortune. I don’t remember what I picked that day but those Afghan boys and the rest of their friends who work in the streets of Tehran all day became my fortune ever since. The story gets worst, these poem sellers don’t know how to read, after many invasions their country has tolerated their parents have been misplaced and since they are considered illegal they can’t work, so they make their children work and constantly runaway from the officials. When questioned they simply respond ” This is what we did for our parents”. In getting to know these kids day by day I found them to be kinder and smarter than any I had ever known. Touched by their friendship I promised them to tell their story through an Art piece. In a state of absolute insanity I came back to America, sold my house so I could afford to work only one day a week and spent the rest of my time carving the tubs. Two years have passed, the tubs are done and the story is told, now I need to ask you for a favor, go to the tubs and kneel, close your eyes, now touch the water and imagine my poem sellers running through the streets of Tehran.